E-Waste Recycling 2011 – Miri Branch

by Miri Administrator / 23 April 2011

Monday, 5th December, 2011

RE: E-Waste Re-Cycling Campaign To Be Held in At The Car park of Miri Indoor Stadium on 9th – 10th December 2011.

Miri City Council (MCC) and Computer Sales and Services Association (CSSA), Sarawak, Miri Branch will jointly organize E-Waste Re-Cycling Campaign on Friday & Saturday, 9th – 10th December, 2011 at the car park of Miri Indoor Stadium. This campaign will begin from 11.00am to 5.00pm.

This is an environmentally friendly exercise to collect old and used computer and computer related accessories for proper disposal. A re-cycling company has been appointed to carry out this task responsibly.

MCC and CSSA Sarawak urge all Mirians to support this noble cause by bringing their old and unused computers and related accessories to the above mentioned date and venue for re-cycling.

For Government Departments and companies in the private sector with many units to be re-cycled, we can make arrangements to visit your premises to collect the items. Kindly call the Organizing Chairman, Ms. Cynthia Choo on +6016 227 5998 to make the arrangements.

MCC have sponsored Eco-bags, to be given to members of the public who bring in their old and unused computer for re-cycling. For every 10 kilograms of old and unused computer, one (1) Eco-bag will be given.

Miri City Council has been championing this cause for many years now. MCC would like to make Miri City a clean and healthy city for Mirians to live in.

Yours Faithfully,






Cynthia Choo
Organizing Chairman
CSSA (Miri Branch)