Miri Sarawak ICT EXPO 2013

by Administrator / 22 June 2013

Message from Organising Chairman ( ICT EXPO 2013 )

Mr Lawrence Lai Yew Son, Mayor of Miri City ,

Chairman and my Committee Members in CSSA Sarawak, Miri Branch Members, our Main Sponsors, Members of Press, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Good evening and welcome to CSSA Sarawak, Miri Branch Sarawak ICT Expo 2013 Opening Ceremony. I am indeed very pleased and honoured to see all of you gathering together with me here tonight to witness the opening ceremony of our 2013 Expo.

CSSA Sarawak, Miri Branch in particular has been very proud to partner Miri City Council in organizing Sarawak ICT Expo for the past 12 years and E-waste Re-Cycling Campaign successfully for the last 7 years.

As an association, we need to be sensitive with all the ICT related proposed development by the Government. With the greater convenience of internet web developments in all businesses levels, i.e. e-banking, e-payment, e-learning, e-shopping, e-mail, e-book, e-phone, e-commerce, e-news, e-ticketing and also e-government as emphasised.

CSSA Sarawak will continue to be active as a partner in the Government’s initiative and will work closely with the authorities to bring benefits to our members.

This year, we have improved in our operation of our Expo by introducing more events and lucky draws to benefit and reward our shoppers. We are appreciative of the support given to our Expo throughout the years and we want to show our gratitude by offering more rewards and lucky draws for our shopper to enjoy.

Your unwavering support is needed for our Association growing stronger and we the office bearer will look forward to your strong support.

I end my speech by thanking Mayor, Miri City Council, our main sponsors, Acer and Asus, Danawa, our friends from Perak Computer and Digital Association, participating member companies, members of the press, contractors, workers and support staff and others whom has contributed to the success of our Expo.


Last but not least, I want to also thank my committee members in CSSA Sarawak for sacrificing many hours of their time, and efforts to assist me in making sure we are giving this Expo our best.


CSSA Sarawak, Miri Branch and I wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous life always and happy shopping and winning as well.


Thank you.


 Yong Chee Tak

Yong Chee Tak

Organizing Chairman

CSSA (Miri Branch)